Gilmore Girls is Now clear when the series starts

Gilmore Girls: Now it is clear, when the series starts.

>> All the information about the cult series “Gilmore Girls”

Gilmore Girls: Now it is clear, when the series starts.

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All waiting impatiently, and so far one only knew that The four-part sequel of the cult series “Gilmore Girls” is coming in the fall. Now Netflix has betrayed the date .

So you can see your new I.

She confesses jungle camp-a lie.

The Voice Of Germany.

The winner of the last seasons.

Sido accosted in “The Voice of Germany”

So the viewers react .

The “Gilmore Girls”reunion is approaching and we will be creating a piece to be smarter – even if Netflix continues to be to keep us in suspense. Today, however, an important fact was announced On 25. November let’s go! The four 90-minute episodes, and we will be happy to run under the name of “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” .

Lorelai and Rory at the kitchen table.

Of the nearly one and a half minute announcement trailer, the missing, mainly from one of the classic discussions of Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory at the kitchen table, as we have it! – has been looked at within the first half an hour, roughly 600,000 Times and has almost 40,000 Fans yet, or with other reactions considered. So we are not only curious how a flitzebogen, what awaits us in the Gilmore Girls, their friends, and in and around Stars Hollow so !

The series is a cult.

The series “Gilmore Girls” treated not less the best mother-daughter relationship in the world, coffee, school worries, men (and boys), family strife, generational conflicts and, in fact, almost all of other Everyday problems. Garnished this breadth of Topics, with the beautiful images of new England, an attractive Cast (Milo Ventimiglia! Matt Czuchry!) and cool sayings. “Gilmore Girls” was a TV milestone, and the vibration is large, as it ended after 153 episodes and seven seasons 2007 .

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