Gourmet Sweet Dream

Gourmet Sweet Dream chocolate, 120 grams

Gourmet: Sweet Dream.

Gourmet: Sweet Dream.

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Chocolate truffle tart with vanilla flavor to a recipe from the Sylt Zanzibar

Herbert Seckler: “Beach Cuisine”, South-West, 192 P., 24,95 Euro.

Herbert Seckler: “Beach Cuisine”, South-West, 192 P., 24,95 Euro.

Chocolate truffle tart with vanilla aroma.

Gourmet Sweet Dream Butter at room temperature

Ingredients for six persons For the tart: 125 g flour, 30 g of dark cocoa powder, 80 g icing sugar, 120 g Butter at room temperature, 1 egg yolk, 250 g of dried legumes, flour for the work surface and Butter for the mold For the truffles: 650 g dark chocolate 170 g Butter, 3 eggs, 120 g sugar, 1 small tube of vanilla extract, 75 g cream.

1 tart: flour, cocoa, icing sugar and Butter with the hand mixer to mix. Egg yolk and two tablespoons of cold water add. Continue to stir until a Ball is formed, which detaches from the edge of a bowl. Dough wrap in cling film, press flat and let rest for 30 minutes. Roll the dough on the floured work surface to a circle and a tarte form (diameter: about 24 cm) lining it. Again let rest for 30 minutes.

2 set The oven to 180 degrees (convection oven: 160 degrees) preheat. Dough with baking paper and cover the legumes spread. Ten minutes in the oven blind baking. Legumes and baking paper to remove the tart for a further five minutes to bake.

3 chocolate truffles: 450 grams of chocolate, 120 grams of Butter melt in a water bath. Eggs, sugar, vanilla extract and cream. As long stir until the sugar has dissolved. The oven on 170 degrees (fan oven: 150 degrees) turn down.

4 mass of chocolate on the tart spread, and about 15 minutes to bake. Then let it cool and refrigerate. Rest of the chocolate with the Butter melt in a water bath and let cool until they can be turned into rolls. The pie with rolls and chocolate chips, decorated with cocoa powder and serve dusted.

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