Grey – Co, The book Highlights in August

Grey - Co, The book Highlights in August being, and knows that only

Grey & co.: The book Highlights in August.

Grey & co.: The book Highlights in August.

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In August best-selling authors like E. L. James and Anna Todd for replenishment on the German book market.

Friends of erotic novels coming in August: this is “Grey” and “After forever” in German. And with “conspiracy” brings back David lagercrantz cult-hacker Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist .


Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello.

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21. August also appears the Wait in this country to an end: The German edition of “Grey” (Goldmann, 640 pages, 14.99 euros). The British best-selling author E. L. James told her “Fifty Shades of Grey”Story to the really rich, attractive, but traumatized Christian Grey, the kidnapped, the innocent student, Ana Steele in his SM world, from Christian’s point of view, newly. The launch pad is, according to Goldmann publishing a Million copies.

Grey - Co, The book Highlights in August Goldmann, 640 pages, 14

“After forever”

Continue on to the 10. August, in German with Anna Todd’s “After”series: the story of The two students, Tessa and Hardin reminded at the beginning to “Shades of Grey”: an Inexperienced, brave woman encounters unpredictable Bad Guy who draws them into his spell and in his bed. In “After forever” (Heyne, 576 pages, 12,99 euros), the fourth and last part, is no longer Tessa, but the girl once. And Hardin is no longer the unpredictable Bad Guy. Tessa now understands his innermost being, and knows that only she can calm him down when he loses it. But when the past catches up with you, will Tessa realize that she can’t save him. At least not without sacrificing yourself.


A continuation of the exceptional type, there are also from the Millennium trilogy by the late Stieg Larsson. Ten years after the publication of the first volume of the world’s best-selling and eleven years after the tragic death of the author appears on the 27. August 2015 Blomkvist in the world, a new book about the cult-hacker Lisbeth Salander and the journalist Mikael. David Lagercrantz has written a “conspiracy” (Heyne, 608 pages, 22,99 Euro) .

“Excarnation – Soul To Die”

Exciting holiday reading also promises to “Excarnation – soul to die” (to be Knaur HC, 656 pages, $ 14.99): the threads of all the dark thrillers of Markus Heitz run together according to the publisher: A soul wanderer on the hunt for a ruthless kidnapper. An ancient vampire on a rescue mission that leads you to places, of which there is hardly an Escape. A man without memory, trying to find the culprit. The book appears on 3. August.

“Foxglove Summer”

In “Foxglove summer” (dtv, 400 pages, 9.95 euros) by Ben Aaronovitch Police Constable Peter Grant is sent in the deepest province: in a small village in Herefordshire. It is missing two children, and their Disappearance was perhaps under magical circumstances. So, Peter, we are forced to leave their traditional habitat, London. It is the fifth book from the “The-rivers-of-London-series” to the police officers and sorcerer’s apprentice Peter Grant. The Urban-Fantasy series, stormed into England already the best-seller lists and is also very popular in Germany. “Foxglove summer” appears on the 21. August.

“All love Bob – New stories from the strays”

Cult of Bob, the stray dog is: James Bowen was homeless and a heroin addict – now the former street musician, according to the “Guardian” in a series with J. K. Rowling, E. L. James, Stephenie Meyer and Dan Brown. All of them have sold in the UK and Northern Ireland, more than a million books. Bowen owes this success to his cat Bob. The story of the friendship between the two was with “Bob, the stray dog” to the world best-seller. It is the sequel to “the Bob and how he sees the world”. And from the 13. August, there is “All love Bob – New stories from the strays” (Bastei Lübbe, 208 pages, 12,99 euros): The sudden glory of James, and Bob makes the other seller of the homeless newspaper envious. James is suspected, treat-splash friend bad, he threatens to lose his Job, and then he is sick as well.

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