Gundis Zámbó The best tips and Tricks for cooling off

Gundis Zámbó: The best tips and Tricks for cooling off.

Gundis Zámbó: The best tips and Tricks for cooling off.

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So some of the heat and cold – including a surprising number of celebrities. Your best tips and Tricks you reveal here.

Hot, Hot, Hot – not whining, but action! Who has no rights Plan, how can he even enjoy the current scorching heat, for a few tips and Tricks that have betrayed Gundis Zámbó, Roberto Blanco, Simone Ballack and co. on the sidelines of the Relaunch Party for the Horror channel “Silverline” the news Agency spot on news to come here:

Presenter and naturopath Gundis Zámbó, 49, advises to simply sleep sometimes somewhere else, “perhaps even in the basement, garden shed or in the Garage”. Your personal favorite place is the outside: “If you can find somewhere a place where one is safe and where it goes well, then this is a dream.” Another tip of the TV Stars is go: On hot days, just times earlier to bed and earlier to get up, “because the Morning in the summer is so nice and bright and cool”.

Laura Müller + Michael Wendler.

Your car is not in accordance with state.

Cooling is also a composer, Ralph Siegel (69, “A little peace”) in the Studio. “I have Air Condition in the Studio and since I’m currently there, it can well endure.” This luxury has not, of course, everyone. But it will also help to do simple things such as water in all its variants. Singer Abi Ofarim, 77, recommends: “water, water, water from the inside and from the outside.” This is also true for actress Andrea L’Arronge (58, “SOKO Kitzbühel”): “My tip is to say, a lot go for a swim. I swim very much. We currently have a private Pool and a summer, of course, is a fabulous thing.”

The have a swimming Pool in the garden, the other an entire sea virtually on the doorstep. “I live, thank God, in Starnberg,” says Ex-game wife, Simone Ballack, “and when it is hot, I jump all just ten minutes into the water – gorgeous”. All in all, she was actually never too hot “for me is always just too cold”. 40 degrees? Not A Problem! “You see it Yes, I’m a sun man: I’m going to get in two days of bubbling brown, never a sunburn and is warm to me, never.” The Happy!

The the true heat, experts say .

Finally, two real heat experts will come to word: singer Roberto Blanco, 78, arrived in Tunisia to the world and his 40 years younger wife Luzandra in Cuba. “If it’s so hot, I drink Green tea. Then it’s good for me. Because the hotter you drink, the better it is and Vice versa,” explains the blonde with her charming accent. In addition to the fans. And from time to time, you wash face and hands with cold water .

The passion for tea and tells the Couple: “tea is the Best in the heat. I have learned as a child. I drink always tea,” says the “have A bit of fun”singer. “I have lived in the Lebanon and in Egypt. At the time, I’ve learned that you drink heat tea; nothing Cold, because you sweat more.” And at the thought of this time a true sentence for him: “If you ask so, I need to say but also So much heat, we don’t have here in Germany also, again, we’re in Africa.” Where he’s right, he’s right.

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