Guy Ritchie is So much more than a Tarantino for the poor

Guy Ritchie is So much more than a Tarantino for the poor And also his next Film

Guy Ritchie: So much more than a Tarantino for the poor.

Guy Ritchie: So much more than a Tarantino for the poor.

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50 years, Guy Ritchie is now old. In them, he has been able to Blockbuster, black belt and a special marriage in his resume writing .

A few Directors stand for a distinctive style, such as the British film-maker Guy Ritchie, the today, 10. By September 50. Celebrates birthday. And yet he is given his Penchant for witty dialogue, bloody Action, and quirky characters to love and not be compared, of course, quite unfairly, with a certain Quentin Tarantino (55). Especially since both are similar in the Output – Ritchie has already had nine films, with Tarantino for the upcoming “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” will be his ninth. In the Following it is shown, among other things, that there are differences between the two – sometimes not always to Ritchie’s benefit.

From TV commercials to blockbusters.

Gerda Lewis + Keno Setup.

The Ex-“Bachelor” holds Andrej Mangold of your love.

Before Guy Stuart Ritchie as he was known by his full name, got his foot in the big movie business, he earned first spurs as a Director of commercials. In 1995, a year after Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” caused a sensation, attracted Ritchie with his first short film, the interest of the Studio bosses. The result is enough of a Budget to shoot his debut feature film, “Bube, Dame, König, grAS” (1998) – a Gangster-Comedy, not only in Ritchie’s British home flight cult status gained.

Guy Ritchie is So much more than a Tarantino for the poor Downey Jr followed

With the direct follow-up Film, he was able to expand his reputation as a new hope on the Director’s chair even further. Finally, none other than Hollywood Star Brad Pitt (54) slipped in the year 2000 in “Snatch – pigs and diamonds” in the role of the to understand not simply the Irish behind wäldlers “One Punch” Mickey O’neil with a Boxer of talent. Also Benicio del Toro (51) and Jason Statham (51), who was already in the case of “Jack, Queen, king, grass”, with played. Only the love of a very special woman brought Ritchie’s Film reputation somewhat shaken.

A main role for Madonna.

Also in the year 2000, shortly after the birth of their common son Rocco (18), married Richie and the US singer Madonna (60). In his third Film, “Swept Away” (2002) he ventured into the Genre of romantic Comedy – what he voraushat until today, Mr Tarantino. His Dearest was allowed to mimes immediately the main female role – and reaped as the Film itself disastrous reviews. There it was, the first Dent in Ritchie’s Reputation as a filmmaker. And also his next Film “Revolver” (2005) was held at the press little to no good appeal.

With his Film “RocknRolla” with Gerard Butler (48), Idris Elba (46) and Tom Hardy (40) from the year 2008 – the same year that the divorce from Madonna was held – he was able to pick up again, probably wool more Feedback. There are two major international Hits with the two “Sherlock Holmes”movies, where Robert Downey Jr followed. (53) as the title character and Jude Law (45) as his congenial Partner, Dr. Watson on the hunt for criminals went.

Ritchie’s last two films of the successful “Codename U. N. C. L. E.” (2015), as well as the rather maue “King Arthur” by 2017. Two of the most promising works are already in the Pipeline: The real film adaptation to “Aladdin” (2019), as well as the third part of the “Sherlock Holmes”series (2020).

Children, finances, and a black belt.

Even away from the film sets Ritchie’s life provides plenty of material for stories. Not only is the marriage with Madonna, with whom he adopted in addition to Rocco, a child from Malawi (son of David), no, their divorce was remarkable. Between 64 and 77 million dollars, Madonna is said to have then paid to Richie, told “BBC News”. A sum, wanted to none of the two can be confirmed. Since 2015 he is married to the Model Jacqui Ainsley (36), with whom he had even before the marriage, three children (2011, 2012 and 2014).

And then Ritchie’s literal impact would be because the skill of The filmmakers in the martial arts Shotokan Karate, Judo and Jiu-Jitsu black belt. Create you should be due to him only, since he was arrested in 2000 because of an alleged assault with bodily injury, as in the time of “The Guardian” reported. So much anxiety that they have to critics of Quentin Tarantino certainly don’t have.

One big thing in Common with Fun-Fact-the potential to have Ritchie and Tarantino by the way: Both of them are dyslexic. The film language, but like no other.

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