In The new life of Vanessa Fuchs

In The new life of Vanessa Fuchs the same

Image: The new life by Vanessa Fox.

Image: The new life by Vanessa Fox.

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The door opened, and Vanessa Fox with her victory at “GNTM”, now you have to go through. But what is the 19 expected Years of?

Nothing will be as it was: the profit of the jubilee season of “Germany’s next Topmodel” in the second attempt of the finals Vanessa Fuchs is established as the tenth winner of the Casting Show. The student can, should, and must adjust to a very eventful time. Who is the 19-year-old beauty is, and what Events, celebrations and other events are waiting for you in the next time, read here.

All beginning is difficult.

We have never seen them .

Before she was elected as one of Germany’s most beautiful young Model, was Vanessa’s life a little glamorous. Well, it was in the first episode of the 10. To see the season. Not on a Catwalk or at a photo shoot, no, in the Laundry room of their parents at the time, the 18 Puttering-Year-old hard-working, as Heidi Klum (41, “True Hollywood Story”) was a surprise to you. As the Model mom Vanessa from Bergisch-Gladbach, which made for a lot of supposed experts to the start of the big favourite comes from. At the time, she could hardly believe her good fortune, and showed himself in front of all of her mentor’s enthusiasm: “I’ve always dreamed of, and now Heidi is just standing in front of me. Incredible!”

In The new life of Vanessa Fuchs October has to

Mini-Job goodbye.

One thing seems sure: In the domestic Laundry, Vanessa is no longer can help out quickly, or will need to the bag to improve money. For one thing, the model means a contract with the modeling Agency at Heidi’s father Günther Klum, you earned as a win bonus, a lot of work. This is also the last year’s winner, Stefanie Giesinger, 18, which gave all three finalists a good advice via Facebook on the not infrequently, rocky road and white: “It’s hands to make something out of this springboard girls is now in your,” she wrote. As a further springboard for Vanessa, the 100,000 euros are likely to serve, which she got for her victory .

In a bowl throw.

Up to the 31. October has to wait for Vanessa, and then an important (and scary) obligation deadline is: on the Occasion of their traditional Halloween Party, Heidi asks for usually your most recent Model discovery in the United States, to pose with her in crazy costumes. Thus, Germany’s first top model “Lena Gercke, 27, who was present,” was once the same as Sara Nuru, 25, and many of the other candidates. Vanessa can do so, already thought about an impressive costume, with the the Big Apple once again wants to capture .

Success is guaranteed?

To your living do not the previous nine winners of the “GNTM” to seriously Worry. With the big international career, it worked on the other side, but only rarely. After an initial Hype around the girls, it was at least outside of Germany, often quiet around you. Only alisar Ailabouni, 26, winner of the fifth edition, is a former athlete with international success. Vanessa wants to bring a similar art piece is finished and the catwalks in London, New York and Paris in the long term, make uncertain, is a lot of work on you .

But maybe you can propose also a completely different way. Not a few of the former winners of today have to do only sporadically with the model world. Jennifer Hof, 24, the third winner, returned to the spotlight entirely to the back. Others, such as Barbara Meier (28, second top model), switched to drama (“Schon wieder Henriette”) and the facilitators-professional.

Into The Jungle Camp?

For the one or other photo shoot it can be for Vanessa in the jungle, to “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!” were winners of the “GNTM”, however, (so far) is still down. As of today, Kulka, 24, Larissa Marolt, 22, Fiona Erdmann, 26, and Micaela Schaefer, 31, is the only candidate moved in with Sara in the Australian Bush, looking at the Model at an early stage were eliminated .

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