Size, weight – Co, these are the dimensions of the Stars

Size, weight & co.: these are the dimensions of the Stars.

Weight, Size & Co.

These are the dimensions of the Stars.

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On the red carpet actress Jennifer Aniston is always one of the best-dressed women. However, in your body, 1.64 metres wide, the actress feels really good when she weighs 49 to 51 kg .

Darling of the Day.

Curious, how tall is Sylvie Meis is, or how much a Kilo of Heidi Klum on the scale to bring? We have made the size of some of the celebrities identify .

It is rumored in the world of the Beautiful and the Rich a lot. A topic that is discussed here is particularly hot, the dimensions of prominent personalities. Added: height, weight, waist, hip and chest circumference are in fact personal information you do not want to hang Stars to advertise .

Extent belonging to the Job everyday.

In the case of Models such as Gigi Hadid, Lena Gercke, Heidi Klum or Gisele Bundchen, belong to a Body dimensions, however, a day’s work. Model agencies regularly take a measure of your Models and put the information together with the Sed Card to the customer. After these and some other criteria, it is then decided, which Model gets the Job .

For the perfect body proportions, the Stars work hard.

The pressure to meet the perfect Body-extent is increasing more and more. For a tight, toned body, some celebrities hire a personal trainer or chef to prepare healthy meals, start sometimes bizarre diets, fasting, or counting calories.

Exceptions, such as Jennifer Lawrence to boycott the Body-delusion.

But there are also some prominent personalities, who Express themselves accurately against the Body-delusion. One of them is Jennifer Lawrence. The actress criticized the false body image that Hollywood gives. You see yourself as a woman with a “normal” character, in Hollywood, you’ll be titled, however, as a woman with curves. This setting bärge danger to provide a false body image .

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